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Smart Communication Tools

Join us on a swooping flight to a wiser recruitment landscape. Discover the power of smart texting, where response rates soar, candidates respond comfortably, and interviews are a hoot! Ready to take flight?

Keep Candidates Engaged, One Text at a Time

Our platform hosts  real-time text messaging, emails and clever automations. The result? A lighter workload for you and an engaging, informed journey for your candidates. Our nurture automations don't just work, they charm - every interaction feels genuinely personal.

Here's a peek at the ways our smart texting capabilities can enhance your odds of connecting with the perfect job candidate:

Hooting Louder, Heard Better

Did you know that text messages enjoy a towering 98% open rate, leaving behind emails at a measly 20%? With stats like that, it's no wonder that using text messages for hiring is likely to get you soaring response rates.

Comfort of Communication

Text messaging delivers comfort to your candidates, enabling them to reply leisurely and at their convenience in the method they use most often. With our platform, they can comfortably engage with you using their own mobile device. Let's be honest, today's job seeker expects to communicate via text. Becoming an employer that allows it could just put you on top of their favorite perch.

Pre-Flight Screening

Use text messaging to vet your candidates by asking essential questions about their qualifications and availability. This early screening can help sort through potential misfits, allowing you to allocate your time and resources more efficiently. With our system, you can automatically inform under-qualified candidates without any effort on your part and swiftly schedule interviews with the ones you can't wait to meet.

Timely Chat and Follow-Up

Employ text messaging to chat consistently with candidates, keeping their interest in the job alive. You can update them about the hiring process, send interview or event invitations, and follow up post-interviews. This constant interaction can build a meaningful relationship with candidates and improve their overall experience. 

So, ready to spread your wings and swoop towards simpler, smarter recruitment with WhoHire?