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Candidate Scoring Models

Our AI models utilize proprietary data to help you deeply understand candidates beyond whats possible in traditional interviews.

Data-Backed Decisions: A Game-Changer for Hiring & Retention

Too often companies rely on gut-feeling and intuition when making a decision on who to hire. Let's face it, when someone is sitting in your office for an interview  and you "like them" you can quickly make a bad hiring decision.  Our goal is to give you plenty of data-points to make a decision with and improve your odds of picking a winner!

Every subscription comes with access to these benefits:


targetPerception Score

Our Perception Score incorporates over 450 proprietary attributes and real job performance data to accurately predict a candidate's likelihood of success in a particular role. For instance, if you're an HVAC company looking to hire an Install Technician, our Perception Score uses historical job performance data from hundreds of technicians to inform our prediction model.

As part of the application process, your candidate will take a 9-15 minute online survey, and we'll instantly score them from 0-100, along with one of three recommendations: High, Med, or Low Potential. Importantly, this score is not influenced by job history, actual skills, gender, or age. Rather, it's like having the ability to predict the potential of a group of musically-inclined kids to become world-class musicians versus hobbyists. While it may still take time to develop the talent, you can trust that they possess the necessary attributes to excel in the role.  Used early in the application process this can prevent you from falling in love with someone that may not be a great performer in the role.

You can explore this further at our parent website  



contacts-book  Day One Readiness

This feature allows you to score the incoming applicant on the basis of knowing if they have skills or requirements that are absolutely critical to you.  This could be certain licenses, certifications, or the ability to operate certain equipment or technology tools.  This is customized for your roles.

We call these "Knock-Out" questions. When a candidate fails this check we automatically (if you wish) and politely decline them and remove them from your hiring process.  This saves you, and them time and frustration.  It makes for the best candidate experience.  After all, just because they aren't qualified today doesn't mean you may not consider them in the future.


e-document  Resume Snapshot

Our digital assistant summarizes the endless resumes into an at-a-glance view so you can see skills, years in different roles, and other key insights.  This means you only need to read deeper on the final few, best bet candidates.  Yea for saving your eyesight!


atrract-users Reputation Score 

These are background checks, drug screenings, I-9 and E-verify check integrated into our platform through our partner Verified First.  You will create an account with Verified First and handle payments for these services through them.


site-users Team Review Rank

You have multiple people on your team involved in the interview process.  Face-to-face interviews, digital interviews, etc. We provide you with simple tools to score the candidate and an easy way to see how the team feels about the desire to make a job offer to this candidate.