Hiring For The Trades

Made Simple.

Envision your ideal company, now with a team that's not only dreamy but downright brilliant. That's not just a fantasy – we make it happen every day. We've jazzed up the process with some nifty AI tech and a dash of clever talent-sourcing wizardry. It's like having a magic wand for recruitment, but with more bytes and less hocus pocus.

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Unlock the power of AI Predictions

Think of us as the fortune tellers of the trade world, but with less crystal ball and more data crunching. With millions of data points from real, tool-wielding, hard-hat wearing folks, we're like matchmakers in hard hats. Need a star HVAC tech? A plumbing prodigy? Or maybe an electrical wizard? We've got predictions for every role - technicians, dispatchers, customer success agents, you name it. And it's not just about finding them; it's about predicting who's going to stick around and who's going to soar. It's like having a sixth sense for hiring, minus the spooky stuff.

  • Improve Job Performance

We can help you gauge the potential new hire's performance, improving your training outcomes.

  • Reduce Turnover Costs

Leverage our Flight Risk Models combined with our Job Blueprints to dramatically improve the odds of winning.

Streamline Recruitment with Powerful Automation Tools

Wave goodbye to the clunky old ways of recruitment and hello to our slick, cutting-edge automations. It's like putting your candidate communication and sourcing on autopilot, but with the precision of a skilled pilot. This isn't just a smoother ride for you; it's like rolling out the red carpet for your candidates too. More efficient, less hassle, and definitely more 'wow'. It's recruitment, but not as you know it – it's like having a recruitment butler, without the fancy suit.

  • One-Way Video Interviews

Reach your candidates quickly, allowing them the opportunity to apply on their schedule keep the process moving.

  • Conversation Optimization

Dynamic texting, with AI Assist and automations allow you to create the ideal candidate experience while minimizing the strain of the workflow on your internal staff.

  • Intelligent Candidate Scoring & Views

Dynamic texting, with AI Assist and automations allow you to create the ideal candidate experience while minimizing the strain of the workflow on your internal staff.

  • Background Checks by Verified First

We've partnered with Verify First, the best background check company for the trades and integrated their tools so you can quickly confirm the history of your new hire.

Fill Your Candidate Pipeline with Applicants

Picture this: your job posts hitting all the sites with the click of a button, reaching those elusive, perfect-fit candidates. Even the passive ones who aren't actively looking get a nudge. It's like having a recruitment megaphone, but more sophisticated and less shouty.

  • Time-Saving Efficiency

Write your job postings using our AI Writer, and automatically push the updates to your company website, Indeed, Monster and up to 65 other local and special interest sites. We'll even refresh & repost them every 30-days.

  • Custom Attraction Campaigns

We have a full-service marketing agency that can help you attract candidates through social media, radio and other innovative sources so you aren't stuck just relying on the "unemployed line" of candidates.

  • Done With You, or For You

It's nice to have options, and while our systems are setup to be easy-peasy; we have real humans that can augment your team. Want someone to review video interviews? Update the hiring data? Give an extra review of the pipeline? Or, just handle it all? We've got you covered!

Take a look under the hood

Your Dashboard is the heart of your recruitment activities and gives you a powerful, but simple way to know exactly what needs to be done each day.

Powerful automations allow you to design a candidate experience that matches the needs of your company exactly, and keeps things moving along effortlessly.

You can see all of the candidate's interactions in a neatly organized scrollable view. You can text, email and engage with a full contextual view.

Yeah, we know it's pretty awesome :)

Flexible Pricing Options to Suit Your Needs

Amounts reflected below are to help guide your expectations on price range.

During our initial consult, we will give you an exact pricing proposal that reflects the best value for your investment.


Get started with our affordable Starter plan, perfect for small businesses committed to great hiring.



  • (1) Administrative User

  • (2) concurrent active jobs

  • Up to 100 applicants per month

  • Branded Career Page


Designed to support a more complex business in growth mode, where hiring is a team sport!



  • Everything In Hatch

  • (3) Admin Users + (7) Interviewers

  • (10) concurrent active jobs

  • Unlimited Applications


For organizations expanding into multiple locations or utilize more of our customized support options.



  • Everything In Growth

  • Marketing Agency Services

  • Done With You, For You

  • Custom Job Blueprints

Mix & Match

Explore feature breakdowns and we'll guide you to select the best value for your investment.

All plans come with a 30 Day happiness guarantee.

Typical Starter

  • AI Job Writer

  • Dynamic SMS/Texting

  • Job Blueprints

  • Go-Ready Tests

  • One-Way Video Interviewing

  • Job Board Distribution

  • Branded Career Page

  • Self-Schedule Interviews

Typical Growth

  • AI Conversational Bot

  • Background Checks

  • Prediction Model Customization

  • Done With You Services

  • One-Click Apply - Instant Interview

  • Automated Candidate Scoring

  • Paid Job posting promotions

  • Candidate Pools

Typical Soar

  • Social Media Agency

  • Radio Advertising

  • Done For You Services

  • Referral Tracking

  • Gamification Recruiting Modules

  • Customizations

  • Candidate Nurture Sequences

  • Split Testing

Master Your
Employment Brand

In today's competitive landscape, your employer brand deserves as much, if not more, attention than your customer-facing brand. It's not just about attracting talent; it's about attracting the right talent. A key function of a strong employer brand is to act as a filter, repelling candidates who aren't the right fit.

This might seem counterintuitive, but it's the truth.

By authentically integrating the real employee experience into your social media presence, you create an effective filter. This sits at the intersection of your marketing and recruitment efforts, working almost autonomously to attract the talent you desire, while encouraging unsuitable candidates to self-select out of the process. It's time to move beyond solely relying on job boards and invest in a strategy that targets the right audience efficiently.

Novel Social Recruitment strategies will create a magnet that fills your pipeline with ideal candidates.

starting at $1500 month

Join us at our place

We are available instantly from 7AM-7PM EST Monday-Friday in our digital company headquarters. Stop by and speak directly with real, smiling, helpful humans. We are working hard to help you build and optimize the people part of your business. Stop by and say "hello", and say "goodbye" to hiring frustrations.

Your dream company deserves a dream team.

We make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really able to predict performance?

Yes. Our advanced data models are regularly updated based on thousands of active employees in each of the job roles that we offer. With over 500 psychographics and granular job performance data our AI engines are able to increase the likelihood that a candidate you select has the core capability to learn, excel at, and enjoy the role. We are happy to discuss with you the specifics around any job role you have an interest in. We also produce custom Job Blueprints when appropriate, and when the requesting company has sufficient data.

We need to find more and better candidates, how can we do that?

We work directly with you to understand what you need. We aren't just amazing technology. We pair our technology with a deep understanding of how to attract talent that will thrive in the trade jobs you have available at your company. We have a full-service recruitment marketing agency that can attract exactly the candidate you need to hire.

We already have an ATS, can we use your Job Blueprints (Prediction Models)?

Yes it is likely we can enable Job Blueprints inside of your existing ATS. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. Please schedule time to chat with us via any demo link on this page and we will be happy to discuss. We know it is a big ask for a company to change their ATS; however we believe that when you see where our technology is at today and the pace that we are heading into the future , you'll decide the temporary lift required to shift would be worth the payoff.

Do you offer a free trial?

No. We do however offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We are unable to offer a free trial as we are required to positively identify all users of our platform to reduce the opportunity to use job postings in a fraudulent manner. We understand the desire to build your confidence that you are making the right choice which is why we require a meeting to understand your needs before signing up. If after fully implementing our system you feel that it is not right for you we will refund your money.

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