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Plans for all stages of business

Every paid plan has access to every feature of our platform with reasonable usage caps in place.

We have a 100% love it 30-day guarantee.

We know you'll fall in love.

$499 / month

Perfect for a small business hiring 1-2 per month who understand the importance of making great hires standard practice.

What's include
Icon tick Gold-1 Access to ALL functionality
Icon tick Gold-1 (1) Administrative User
Icon tick Gold-1 (2) concurrent active jobs
Icon tick Gold-1 Up to 100 applicants per month
Custom / pricing

For Organizations expanding into multiple geographies or locations and whose needs regularly exceed our growth plan. 

What’s included:
Icon tick Gold-1 Custom Marketing Plan
Icon tick Gold-1 Custom Prediction Models
Icon tick Gold-1 Dedicated Account Manager
Icon tick Gold-1 Scaleable "Done for you" Support
Icon tick

Intelligent Sourcing, Job Distribution

Icon tick

Performance Prediction Models

Icon tick

Job Writer

Icon tick

Interview scoring

Icon tick

AI-powered selection guidance

Icon tick

Smart SMS/ Text Messaging

Icon tick

Unified Email Inbox

Icon tick

Auto-Schedule Interview

Icon tick

Asynchronous Digital Interviews

Icon tick

Resume Snapshot

Icon tick

Powerful Automation

Icon tick

Predictive Screening

Icon tick

Day-One Readiness Checks

Icon tick

Branded Career Page

Icon tick

Background Check Results

Hoot for Simplified Hiring! Our owl-some tools are designed for ease and simplicity. But don't just wing it — you can always schedule time with our hiring experts.
From crafting your job ad to setting up automation, we're here to ensure a smooth take-off in finding your next star teammate.

More than just a help-line, we're your co-pilots in hiring success.


Frequently Asked Questions

We're Here to Help

What happens at the end of my trial?

At the end of your trial you will be asked to enter you credit card details.  You will not have access to your account until you have entered a form of payment. If you have not entered a form of payment within 30 days of your trial expiration, your data will be removed from our platform.

Whats the difference between an admin user and interview user?

An Interview User is typically a manager of the role that is being hired for.  They'll want access to the system so we can auto- schedule the  interviews, and they can give feedback on the candidates.

An administrative user has full access to the platform and usually sets up the automations, job descriptions and postings.  They also handle the bulk of the candidate communication. 


How do candidates discover my jobs?

Your jobs will be auto published to your company's job page, and distributed across a variety of popular job boards including google jobs, zip recruiter and others. 

For publishing to Indeed, you will have a couple of easy steps to take to enable this to happen. 

Each job has a unique URL that you can use to promote wherever you currently find candidates:  job fairs, social media, or through scan codes.

Our team is happy to help you get things setup just the way you like.

Do you have a mobile app?

Our platform is enabled for mobile and the most common functions such as viewing applicants are easy to utilize on our mobile experience. Your job applicants will not need to download any app.  

For more complex interactions such as creating new jobs, new automations, etc we recommend using the desktop browser for a better experience due to the screen size.

Is this for our industry?

Yes!  Our product is designed to be highly flexible and customizable to hiring for any industry.  We especially focus on providing powerful tools to help you decide who to hire, and improve the odds that you will find a high performer who will stick with your company for a long period of time.

What if I need help?

You will have access to our online chat and help articles.  If you need additional help, you can always schedule time and one of our teammates will be more than happy to meet 1:1 to help you out!